Coming on the clouds with fire (the whole Earth shakes).

Barrack Obama is coming to CSU.  Sunday at 3:00.  Everyone is over-the-top excited, of course.


JD is excited as well, but it’s different.  My king is coming in a little while too apparently.  His kingdom will never end.  He doesn’t have to campaign because the Earth is his footstool.  He doesn’t have a party, except for the host of heaven and the saints above and below it (They sing “Holy, holy, holy” day and night).  His foreign policy is pretty unique, he’s the Price of Peace, but he’s also judges the nations with rightousness and justice?  He won’t lie or cheat like presidents of the past, becuase his word does not return void.  He was and is and is to come, etc…  I’m romantically involved with him too, just fyi. 


There is hope.  There will be change.  Progress is on the way, although it all may not look like you expected! Ok that was fun to write, but it’s ALL TRUE so get excited.

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