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Post #108

I have reason to believe that God loves me more than anyone else. You see, This is the power of Jesus in me, that I am profoundly, remarkably free. This is the power of Christ to redeem, and no one … Continue reading

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peacocks and fire and meteor showers and dreams

Caitlin Holliday is a new friend of mine as of this waning semester of school.  She gets along with my sister, and she eats with us often at Corbett when I freeload off Becky’s thousand remaining dorm meal passes.  The … Continue reading

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A Hundred and Forty Winters.

I’m giving a speech tomorrow afternoon in a class at CSU.  It’s a speech commemorating trees.  I thought trees would be a good topic because I’ve been writing about them so much lately.  Below is a manuscript of the speech … Continue reading

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