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Pragmatic Activism: How to Deliver Goods to the Gaza Strip

The article linked below is great.  Activism often loves to become wildly political and dual-purposed, where helping people comes second to attracting media recognition.  In classical Israeli style, this IDF blog post pragmatically outlines in few words how to efficiently help folks … Continue reading

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Re: Cartoons, Child Violence, Etc…

I can’t decide how to respond to the events of the last couple days.  It’s been so fun and really humbling and a really unusual experience to see a blog post blow up like this and go all over the … Continue reading

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Cartoons, child violence, and symbolic activism.

There’s a current trend on Facebook to change your profile picture to be a picture of your favorite cartoon from childhood.  A friend of mine elaborates a little in her status: “Change your Facebook profile picture to a cartoon from your childhood … Continue reading

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