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The cold percussive rimshot crack turned every head in the city. A tower that hangs flags out its windows burst into flame, blue and green and yellow. Far above the streets of the city, the building’s infrastructure began to give … Continue reading

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Re: Cartoons, Child Violence, Etc…

I can’t decide how to respond to the events of the last couple days.  It’s been so fun and really humbling and a really unusual experience to see a blog post blow up like this and go all over the … Continue reading

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Glass in the Trees

Find out, Find this out. For there’s little left to sing about, because of what we found. Where we fell apart. The road. The glass and the crying. The smell of brakes, the heat of oil fire. And we looked, … Continue reading

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“Dress Us Up”: A Textual Analysis of John Mark McMillan’s “The Medicine”

This is but three pages of a ten page rhetorical criticism piece I did for a class of mine.  I loved writing about this!  Here’s a little part of it.  Lemme know if, for whatever reason, you want to read the whole … Continue reading

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