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So we gawk.

“Lord, What is man that Thou takest knowledge of him! Or the son of man, that Thou makest account of him! Man is like to vanity; his days are a shadow that passeth away.” Psalm 144: 3 & 4 What … Continue reading

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Stay or forever go.

I can tell you a lot about only a few topics.  Some of those topics might surprise you. 90’s Fighter Jets Electronica Roller Coasters German Sports Cars Lawn Sprinkler Systems I go through phases where I’m fascinated with specific things. … Continue reading

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This is an awkward day.

I know all I ever blog about is freaking school.  But this is one of the worst possible days on record for that. Check it out: I tried to drop my Physics class last night (for a number of reasons), … Continue reading

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I keep stalling out.

Falling behind is an awful feeling.  How did I get here, all tied up?  Pride hurts like hell, head hurts from thinking, heart heavy inside from not feeling adequate.   I keep stalling out, I just can’t keep up.  There’s … Continue reading

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