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peacocks and fire and meteor showers and dreams

Caitlin Holliday is a new friend of mine as of this waning semester of school.  She gets along with my sister, and she eats with us often at Corbett when I freeload off Becky’s thousand remaining dorm meal passes.  The … Continue reading

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You were a million years of work.

The devil doesn’t know what a marvelous creation you are.  The world can’t see how beautiful your life is, they only see what you look like and observe some of your actions.  Ever imagined what people would think of you … Continue reading

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There must be some mistake.

I learned some things today in the white wonderland that is Fort Collins that made me sad, especially after all my tree-talk the other day. I mentioned in my last post that the “the oval”, a large circular drive that … Continue reading

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Needle and thread

This afternoon am jealous of Anthony, and he is certainly not jealous of me. I don’t have anything profound or even worthwhile to say on the matter, but God bless the Jarret family and God bless the lives this will … Continue reading

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