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Music Boxes/Ace-High

There’s a blog you need to read regularly.  Judging by the fact that when Lydia linked to my blog yesterday I had more traffic than ANY normal day, way more people probably read hers, and this a funny post.  Nevertheless, … Continue reading

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“I don’t long to be adored: I wish to be heard.”

My dear friend Lydia has finally started blogging and I’m so happy about it!  She’s fantastic and a fantastic writer.  She did a lot of editing on my last Palace Players piece and really helped pull everything together. More importantly, Lydia … Continue reading

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When the dog bites, when the bee stings.

I haven’t blogged in some time, and that’s a shame because I really love doing it.  I’m bogged down with a number of important and wonderfully music-oriented things, which means my creativity and effort has been directed elsewhere.  I hope … Continue reading

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You surrendered but you fought hard.

My dear friend Sean and I spent a few hours one night working on a song of his.  Sean was kind enough to let me produce the song, entertaining my ideas and letting me help him track.  We had a … Continue reading

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